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Your guide to 

deep unshakeable peace..

Bridging the gap between spirituality and neuroscience to eliminate destructive thought patterns and beliefs to unlock your full potential. 

Learn why your beliefs are the key to lasting happiness, peace, and fulfillment in your life....

What Makes

Cognitive Coaching Different?

Cognitive coaching uses neuroscience and the gold standard of scientific research to help overcome deeply rooted issues such as:



People pleasing




Chronic stress

And so many more...


All of these are a product of

core beliefs and conditionings you picked up in childhood.


The meaning and interpretations you make of the world shape your beliefs.


Your beliefs shape your emotional life.


And your emotional life drives your thoughts, your actions and your behaviors. 


We get to the core of the issue by using a practical approach to getting to the core of these maladaptive responses to eliminate them. 


Learn why this is the key to tapping into lasting peace in your life....


What Our Previous Clients Have To Say...

Travis D.

Restaurant Owner

“The other thing I really enjoyed about the program is the belief elimination portion. At the end of it the process shortens down to 5 to 10 minutes to eliminate any belief that has been holding you back. It sounds crazy, it really does, but this stuff works. There were beliefs that I had that I didn't really know I had that were causing me to procrastinate due to certain things in my life. It really frees you up to do you. ”

“Robert does excellent research. He's very thorough and in particular I like the approach he takes to clearing out the head trash. Clearing out the thoughts, the emotions, the memories, and the expectations that get in the way of being everything we might be in the world, living our life purpose and mission. ”

Dr. Bruce E.

Functional Medicine

How The Beliefs That

Run Your Life Are Created

  • First Contact

    Your brain comes into contact with unknown object, experience, and/or person. 

  • Assign Meaning

    Your brain assigns meaning to unknown object, experience and/or person to identify whether it's a threat to your survival or not. 

  • Emotional Identification

    Based on what your brain interprets the interaction means to your survival, your brain assigns to the experience, pleasurable emotions to what it deems good for your survival, and painful/negative emotions for what it deems to be bad for your survival. 

  • Motivation & Action

    Emotion drives motivation, actions, behaviors, and thoughts. These emotions it assigns to experience stay deeply embedded in your brain so that you attempt to move away from what's painful and toward what's pleasurable automatically without your conscious awareness. 

  • Results

    The behaviors you act on and actions you take create your results. The results then continue to validate the beliefs that created those results.

So How Do You

Create Lasting Change?

By eliminating the beliefs that fuel the emotions that began this cycle.


When you do that you eliminate troublesome behavior, thought patterns and emotions

at their core.


Learn why it's the key to deep unshakeable peace in your life in this FREE training

I put together for you.  

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